Raiden Takeuchi


Title: Missionary

Chapter: University of Minnesota


Raiden grew up in Solon, Iowa, which is twenty minutes north of the University of Iowa. Raiden was not born into the Catholic faith but was able to be baptized and entered the Church at the age of 8. Raiden was active in his parish while growing up but really began to engage his faith in the later portion of high school. After starting school at the University of Minnesota and encountering the brotherhood there, he was challenged and mentored in the faith and the Lord did much work in showing him the Father’s Love his first year in household.

At the University of Minnesota Raiden received his degree as a Vocal Music Education Major. He sings and plays a variety of other instruments. He has been blessed to be able to help lead others in Worship and is always trying to learn more about music. Raiden’s musical tastes are a little bit all over the place. You may find him listening to Jazz, Classical,  EDM, or Christian music all in the same day. If you can find music that fits multiple or all the categories you may really make his day.