Rebecca Zamora


Title: Operations Director for Florida


Rebecca’s life is proof that, in the words of St. John Paul II, “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.” How else would a woman who was born in New Jersey and partially raised in Maryland, end up becoming a born-again Texan who has spent the past two years in Minnesota, and is preparing to move to Florida?

This whole adventure started when Rebecca was introduced to Saint Paul’s Outreach during her sophomore year of college at Texas State University. The Holy Spirit quickly got to work in her heart over the next three years, and eventually she was able to realize the call that the Lord placed on her heart to serve as a Mission Leader

Rebecca graduated from Texas State in December of 2014 with a Psychology major and a minor in Child Development. After her first two years of service with SPO at the University of Minnesota, the Lord decided to once again change the game and send her down to Florida State University. Rebecca is going to miss the fall foliage, craft coffee, and beautiful people of Minnesota, but is excited to be back in the south and take in all of the college football and constant sunshine that she can get! 

Rebecca loves photography, sharing music with people, collecting (hoarding?) coffee mugs, talking about the great state of Texas, buying fresh flowers “just because,” trying new recipes, cheering for the Dallas Cowboys, and reminding women of their identity as daughters of God until she is blue in the face. Her love language is receiving gifts, and that is the lens through which she views whatever the Lord puts in her path. 

"All my work began with a simple 'Hail, Mary' asking for Our Lady's help." - St. John Bosco