Renee Lemire


Title: Mission Leader

Mission Center: Massachusetts

Chapter: Northeastern University


Renee was born and raised in the sunshine state. She grew up in the small, east-coast town of Merritt Island, Florida. She has one older sister, Ericka (now Sister Gianna Mara), who is a religious sister within the Amazon Jungle in Peru with the Family of Jesus. Renee is surrounded by a huge Italian family with plenty of aunts and uncles who never stop talking about food, as well as cousins who are more like siblings. Growing up, Renee was always the one outside, going on adventures, and sometimes even finding ways to get in trouble, depending on who you ask.

Renee had the solid foundations of receiving the initial sacraments of the Church, but up until graduating high school, she did not take her faith seriously. Instead, Renee chose to have things of the world reigning her life. It wasn’t until her freshman year at Florida State University (Goooo Noles!) when Renee encountered young adults alive in their faith through the Catholic Student Union. From slowly getting involved with the vibrant Catholic community there, she was invited to go on their Fall Retreat. That weekend, Renee experienced Adoration for the first time, where Jesus broke down the walls of her wounds and showed her that she can live a full and redeemed life in Him. Through the guidance of the Brotherhood of Hope and the Women’s Staff at the Catholic Student Union at Florida State, Renee was able to know Christ more deeply and continue to be transformed and purified by His love.

As a Mission Leader, Renee feels a strong conviction to fight for women to come to know that a life in Him is worth it, it’s alive, and it’s real. Someone fought for her, so she feels she can only respond out of His love, to fight for His women in return. Renee feels incredibly blessed and grateful that the Lord wants to use her for His mission at Northeastern University in Boston!

“Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” – Saint John Paul II