Kimy D'Amato


Title: Mission Supervisor

Chapter: Johnson County Community College/ University of Missouri - Kansas City


Born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, Kimy is the youngest of four, with one older brother and two step sisters. She loves living near the water, spending time with her loud family, and rollerblading. After studying Social and Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Social Work at Seton Hall University, Kimy knew she wanted to serve others; the problem was finding where and how to do it. She went home after college and for two years worked three part-time jobs, volunteered with her church's youth group, taught confirmation, and mentored - all while her faith continued to grow before receiving this gift of being a missionary.

Kimy has been serving in Kansas City, KS since she joined the SPO community in 2013.  Not only has she been helping to develop and form the two outreaches in the area, but she herself has been on a growing and formative journey! Kimy is eager to let the Lord continue the work He is about in the Kansas City area. She couldn’t have planned this for herself, and knows that the Lord has brought her to where she is supposed to be!