Jazlyn Gramer


Title: Missionary

Chapter: The Ohio State University

Contact: jazlyn.gramer@spo.org

Jazlyn grew up in Moorhead, Minnesota, where the high school mascot is a potato, so you know it was rough from the start….

Totally kidding - Moorhead is a splendid town. Jazlyn was raised by incredible parents, Ben and Lisa, along with two siblings. She was the definition of a middle child, but thrived in her role by challenging her parents with her unique personality and loud voice. Her home parish, St. Joe’s, was where she first started growing in faith. In high school she had the opportunity to teach Sunday school to preschoolers, which skyrocketed her love of working alongside the church.

After high school Jazlyn attended the University of Minnesota for a degree in Child Psychology. While in college she overwhelmed her schedule with endless opportunities and could often be found running around campus like a chicken with its head cut off, doing anything from having a one on-one with another woman at a quiet coffee shop to tap dancing in the streets of downtown Minneapolis.

Jazlyn didn’t find SPO; SPO found her, and from then on she felt as if she was the chosen one (kind of like Harry Potter). She was first involved in a small group her sophomore year and owes the tremendous growth in her faith to these women who continually showed her the Lord’s love and perseverance. When they say it takes an army, they mean it. These women continually pushed her to try new things, step up in leadership, and go outside of her comfort zone. For the first time, Jazlyn experienced a personal relationship with the Lord her sophomore year while attending a Fan into Flame retreat. From there, her relationship with Christ and love for the Catholic faith grew and she has never looked back.

Jazlyn will be serving at The Ohio State University and is thrilled to go even further outside of her comfort zone. She is particularly excited to serve the women in Ohio and show them the love Christ has for them, the way the SPO Mission Leaders at the UofM showed her. If she had to summarize her three loves in life it would be Jesus, women/sisterhood, and taco hats. Jazlyn is thrilled to bring each of these to Ohio with her.