Blake Rohde


Title: Missionary

Chapter: The Ohio State University


Blake Rohde is a Texas Native and Ohioan in progress. He graduated from Texas State and became a missionary at The Ohio State University shortly after! A fun fact about him is that he was born in an ambulance on McDermott freeway in San Antonio, TX... hence his middle name: McDermott. Blake somehow always seems to lose a wager...which has led to me eating a whole head of lettuce, getting temporary tattoos of a tribal dolphins and licking random rocks.

He encountered SPO by walking in the front door of an SPO household to see 40 guys setting up an empty living room for a boxing Barbasol Men’s Night that was taking place. He witnessed and experienced profound competition, brotherhood, and relationships like never before. Praise God he’s never looked back since!

Blake is a missionary because he saw that the world needed more men to bring dignity back into the culture. He wants to see that vicious cycle come to an end in this generation. One good man can change the world, and it starts and ends with Jesus Christ.