John Packer Stevenson


Title: Mission Supervisor

Region: Ohio


John was born in Dallas, Texas as the second oldest of five and is a seventh generation Texan from his mom's side. He is a proud graduate of Cistercian Preparatory School and Texas A&M University where he majored in Economics. Following college he decided that spending a couple years giving back to the Lord wouldn't be a terrible idea, so he became a missionary with Saint Paul's Outreach. Well, as it turned out, John actually enjoyed serving as a campus missionary, especially the part about forming boys into men so their future wives and bishops don't have to. His time in SPO has taken him to San Marcos, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Kansas City, and now back to Columbus.

John and his wife, Anna, have a daughter named Eleanor (Ellie) and they are big fans of having people over for food and/or football. And maybe a board game or two. John's hobbies include golf, books, people, sports, and the occasional YouTube session. If you want to push his buttons, just start bashing Tony Romo. His favorite scripture verse is from Isaiah 55, "All you who are thirsty, come to the water! You who have no money, come buy grain and eat...why spend your money for what is not bread? Your wages for what fails to satisfy?"