Tasha Johnson


Title: Mission Operations

Mission Center: Minnesota

Contact: tasha.johnson@spo.org

Tasha was raised “Up North” in Brainerd, Minnesota (which is actually the dead center of the state, she’ll have you know, and really not that far north of anything). Although she doesn’t know that much about deer hunting, ice fishing, or lefse, she will always have a heart for lake country. It was there that she went through Catholic grade school, fell in love with studying the Catholic faith, and encountered youth ministry, which gave her a first taste of real, faith-filled community. After high school, Tasha went on to teach three wonderful summers of Totus Tuus: two for her first love, the Diocese of Duluth, and the last as a wild adventure all the way to the cornfields of Rockford, Illinois.

After re-encountering Saint Paul’s Outreach during her spring semester in Rome junior year, Tasha was convicted by the joy and love her SPO-affiliated classmates had, and so without further ado, she jumped into SNE 2016 and never looked back. She is thrilled to be working with the teams at both the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas as their Mission Center Admin, to be part of the community at the U of MN, and especially to live in Household for the first time!

Tasha graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 2017 with degrees in Catholic Studies and Spanish Linguistics, plus a minor in Theology (for which she is now pursuing her master's degree). She is partial to reading the works of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, running (in theory), having deep chats over anything resembling coffee, watching funny cat videos, and organizing her many spreadsheets. She is a firm believer that anything can be an adventure (even a trip to Menards), but she is thankful that she’s been given a far more amazing one in this life, for:

“Now to fall in love with Jesus requires faith. We have to know the story of Jesus, of His coming into the world, of His teaching and deeds and fellowship in this world, of His passing to the Father, of His coming back in life after death to talk with His disciples and continue His fellowship with them, of His going to the Father and sending into our hearts the Holy Spirit and His love. This is the greatest story in the world, the greatest romance, and we are called to the greatest adventure.” (Fr. Raphael Simon, O.C.S.O.)