Tim Duncan


Title: Missionary

Chapter: Unviersity of Central Florida

Contact: tim.duncan@spo.org


Tim was born and raised in Norwalk Ohio, the 4th child to an evangelical non-denominational pastor. His parents lived out a strong example of faith that kept him somewhat grounded, but until he left for college, this faith wasn’t his own. After a lonely Freshman year of shallow relationships and somewhat of an identity crisis, the Lord stepped in showing Tim His love, and for the first time, he proclaimed Jesus as Lord of his life. Tim transferred to Ohio State on fire and ready to live out his faith when he came across a group of Catholics in SPO. They were also on fire and radically living out their faith! This created an openness to the Catholic faith. Through the deep relationships formed through SPO, the Lord brought Tim to the Catholic Church.

This profound experience with SPO in college led him to want to serve the Lord as a missionary. He’s starting his second year of mission at the University of Central Florida. He loves playing ‘what are the odds,’ cutting hair, and proving my friendship by remembering people’s mom’s names.