Will Johnson


Title: Chapter Leader

Chapter: Florida State University

Contact: will.johnson@spo.org

Will Johnson emerged into the world in the undisputed greatest decade of all time; The 90s. Officially considered a 90s child, there are many internet memes he has the pleasure of understanding while the rest of the world is left in the dark. Using his knowledge of Nickelodeon slime videos, moon boots, sock ‘em boppers, and Aaron Carter’s highlights, he feels very confident he will be able to hit the ground running serving at Florida State University helping students pursue the Lord.

As the second youngest of seven children, Will enjoyed a wonderful six years in the spotlight as the baby of the family before being dethroned and promptly discarded to the forgotten life of a middle child. He overcame these hard times and rose up from his simple hometown of St. Paul Minnesota and journeyed all the way across a river to attend school in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota. He majored in Marketing and Supply Chain & Operations and decided in his senior year, as any business major does, to devote his life to serving the Lord with SPO.

In his natural habitat, you can often see Will playing a guitar or Piano, utilizing his new smartphone to count to 10,000 steps, or beating friends in an intense game of Chess. He is very excited for what the future holds as he continues his journey with God. In hopes of staying loyal to his school, but still fitting in at Ohio: Boo Michigan!