Br. Parker Jordan


Title: Mission Supervisor

Mission Center: New Jersey


My service with Saint Paul's Outreach came through my life and mission with the Brotherhood of Hope. We have been partnering more and more with SPO, and it's been a real joy to see how God has brought us together. My story of how I got connected to SPO is really deeply linked with how I met the Brothers. I got to know the Brothers in the the Brotherhood of Hope as a student at Florida State University  (FSU) which happens to be one of the campuses the Brotherhood serves at. While at FSU, I began to make real steps in my faith. I majored in Biochemistry and was Pre-Med; I wanted to be a doctor and have a large Catholic family. But while in college, I also got to know the campus ministers there really well - these guys who called themselves "Brother" and wore grey shirts with Anchors that strangely enough look like the shirt I'm wearing... right... now... (I guess God knew what He was doing, huh?)

I joined the Brotherhood community after I graduated college in 2008 and began to serve in Boston for a period of 3 years. I  made my first vows in August of 2010 and then served for a year at Boston University. Now, I'm very excited to be with SPO in New Jersey doing what I love, helping young people come to know God's love in their life!

I'm a brother who likes brewing, biking, baking, BBQ, photography and anything outdoors. I really enjoy a good Charles Dickens novel (but they usually take me close to a year to finish). While at FSU, I studied Biochemistry and anything science fascinates me!