What is it?

The SPO Student Leader Internship is a five-week training program that is incorporated into our overall SPO Missionary Training. Students will be trained in the SPO mission along with full-time Missionaries. They will also have an opportunity to serve in various ways during training. Pastoral support and mentorship will also be provided throughout the internship program. This is a pilot initiative being offered for the first time this summer.

Who can apply?

Student leaders from current SPO Chapters, as well as by invitation for student leaders from other campuses that are exploring partnership with SPO.

Why should I apply?

If you are…

  • Passionate about leading your peers to Christ

  • Excited to grow in spiritual maturity and discipleship

  • Ready to dive in and go all out for mission

  • Want to learn and be trained in the SPO charism and model

… you should consider applying!

We hope that this program will help you learn key principles and methods that will equip you to bring many souls to Christ, and will bear long-term fruit in your life and in the life of the Church.

What are the details?

  • Dates: May 28th - July 3rd, 2019

  • Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

  • Cost: You will need to cover your travel to and from Minnesota. All other fees will be covered by SPO. There is no compensation package.

  • Apply no later than April 15, 2019

  • Contact oscar.robles@spo.org or lizzie.gross@spo.org