Betsy Schleeter

Working with Saint Paul’s Outreach has blessed nearly every aspect of my married life. The most important thing that Saint Paul’s Outreach has taught me throughout my six years on staff is that living each day as a disciple of Jesus Christ is essential, whether I am evangelizing on a college campus or changing diapers and playing with our one-year-old. Prayer must be the foundation of my life. Our family had modeled the pattern of prayer that my husband Brad (also an SPO alumnus) and I learned while living in SPO Households. Saint Paul’s Outreach has taught us to love the Church. Our hope is that our love for Christ’s Church will help our children hear and answer God’s particular call for their lives.

Saint Paul’s Outreach truly is a school of love. In SPO we learned the importance of serving, even when we do not feel like it. We would often say, “Give until it hurts and then give some more.” I learned about living in self-gift instead of living only for myself.

Through Household life, Saint Paul’s Outreach has also taught me everything from practical daily tasks to how to make and keep commitments. I learned how to cook and clean, to provide Christian hospitality, and to pray as a household. Through making specific commitments with the other ladies in the Household, I learned how to be faithful in the small details of life so that I may be faithful to God in the big things.

These are just a few ways that Saint Paul’s Outreach has prepared me for the great Sacrament of Marriage and to live a life of service in the Church for many years to come. Thank you to all of you that make this work possible! Your love and generosity has blessed my life more than I could express in words. God bless you!