Jimmy Abreu

The last six months have been quite the whirlwind! My wife and I are blessed to work for SPO as Mission Directors, and back in the summer we uprooted and moved all the way from Minnesota to Texas to lead the mission here. Not only that but our first child was just born!

I first heard about SPO when I was at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. One of my friends on campus introduced me to a guy who was living in the SPO Household, who invited me over for dinner. I was surprised by what I found. Here was a group of Catholic men that chose to live together to grow in their faith and discern their vocation. They had a genuine desire for the Lord and for brotherhood. I had no idea that this kind of thing even existed.

Christ was drawing me to himself through SPO. When I graduated, I applied to be a missionary and was accepted. It’s been an incredible journey – moving to Minnesota to serve there, meeting and marrying an SPO’er, the love of my life, and then off to Texas.

I love SPO’s vision of community on mission. To me, it’s better to have a whole community on mission, because a community is more effective than one person... and more fun too!

All I can say is I’m sold! I have seen countless men and women come to know Christ and grow closer to Him through SPO. I know that I want to do nothing more than bring others to Jesus and I can do that through SPO. Not to mention I wouldn’t have Sarah and Anna if it weren’t for SPO.

We are grateful to be an SPO missionary family. Thank you, God, and thank you, SPO!