Rebecca Shrake

I came to the University of Minnesota after 12 years of Catholic school education and I thought I was set in my faith. Thinking I didn’t need much support, I surrounded myself with non-religious friends. For the first time in all my years of schooling, my faith began to waver under the pressures of the partying college lifestyle. I was in danger of becoming a statistic: yet another Catholic falling away from the faith during college.

Then I heard about SPO. A friend of mine was living in the women’s Household and invited me over for dinner. Soon I joined a small group and started building new relationships with women who cared about me, who had a beautiful sense of self- worth, and whose lives were centered on God. Deep down I longed to experience the source of their joy, but outwardly I was too afraid to break away from the shallow pleasures I was living for.

So I tried to ignore this desire for a renewed relationship with God and I stayed on the fringes of SPO, but as my longing for the Lord grew, I couldn’t hide any longer. To this day, I struggle to find words to describe the transformation that happened. Simply put, God captivated my heart and drew me into the SPO community where my faith came alive and grew deeper.

Now I live in one of the women’s Households at the U of M. These sisters in Christ call me on to grow as a daughter of God, and are amazing witnesses to the abundant life that comes from trusting in the Lord. God worked through SPO to help me find Him again. Now it’s my turn to share with others the joy of living for the Lord.