Texas-Style Hog Roast!

Lots of food for lots of freshmen!

Kelsey Schimmel, a second-year missionary at Texas State University, shares her experience of the first-ever Hog Roast at our Lone Star Chapter:

During the first two weeks of school, one of our main goals is to meet or “reach” as many new students as we can. Once we meet students, we can begin to build relationship with them and join them on their journey of faith. This year, SPOTexas’ big “reach” event was a Hog Roast that we held on the front lawn of the Catholic Student Center. On August 22nd, after 15 hours of smoking pigs, we gathered our energy just in time to entertain a crowd of over 250 students. Everything was in place as the blaring music announced our presence. The food smelled delicious and our stomachs were ready for it. Our student missionaries waited with us for 5 p.m. to roll around, to see if the days of passing out flyers and praying for this event would pay off. Then it happened. Large groups of students came walking out from the dorms. These freshmen had heard and were on a mission to eat some hog.

Student Missionaries enjoying the fruits of their labor

This was more than just a free meal. This was a place to begin relationships. Student missionaries sparked conversations and asked for people’s phone numbers. The hog roast created a great opportunity to invite people to other events we had going on. Students called it a huge success and a great environment filled with a lot of new faces! This is how SPO welcomed new students to Texas State!