A Reflection on Prayer

Households have been official for almost two months now, most recently as a community we started to gather together Sunday nights to pray Night Prayer. This prayer comes from the "Liturgy of the Hours," which is the universal prayer of the church. This last Sunday we had at least twenty people all huddle together in the Men's House prayer room (because we have such a spacious house we decided to make one room a place to gather for prayer and reflection).                

When prayer started, I had a moment of sincere revelation. We were all crowded into this sparsely decorated room with tall white walls and old simple wood floors. There was a crucifix on the wall in front of us illuminated by the only light in the room. We began to sing and worship, and together we all saw it. True happiness and joy only flows from Jesus Christ, and until we lose ourselves in Him we won't really be ourselves. You see, that night I realized that when we offer up our will to the Lord, He gives us back our true selves. We were made to seek Him, to follow Him, and to one day be with Him.             

Praise God!

- Submitted by a Men's Household student