Service at SNE

Greetings from SPO Texas!  My name is Lilvia Gomez and I am one of the new Mission Leaders who will be serving at Texas State University this year. 

SPO staff and students just got back to the great state of Texas from St. Paul, Minnesota. There we attended SPO's School of the New Evangelization, which trains students in how to spread the Gospel on campuses. As a new SPO Texas Mission Leader I enjoyed getting to know the students from Texas State and was excited to attend many of the sessions with them on topics such as Holiness, Communion and Mission. 

One of the most exciting things we did while at SNE 2013 was the service day.  On Monday August 5, students separated into about five or six groups and went to different service locations in the city.  There is such a need in our world, as there has always been, for people willing to give of themselves and the participants really stepped up in the name of the Lord.  Students served in various ways, from packing meals for hungry children, to praying outside of the Planned Parenthood in the area.  I was able to travel throughout the city that day to see the students in action and they were so happy to give back. It was a great experience for all involved. 

Now we are back in San Marcos and very excited about serving the Lord at Texas State University!

- Submitted by Lilvia Gomez, Mission Leader