Men and Women Pursuing Identity

Our men’s and women’s nights this semester have focused heavily on what it means to be men and women of God. Men can only truly learn how to become men from other men, and women learn from other women what it means to be a woman. These nights have created a great space for us to grow more deeply in our identities in the Lord through a series of talks and time for discussion. 

Over the course of the semester, the men have been learning about the crisis and need for true masculinity in the Church. They’ve heard from various outside speakers including our campus priest, Fr. David, and Sam Schoenfelder, who flew in from the SPO Headquarters to speak on masculinity rooted in truth with Christ as the perfect example. 

The women have embarked on a semester-long journey of learning about Theology of the Body, the world’s need for authentic femininity, and how their femininity and human sexuality play into who they are as daughters of God. They’ve heard talks on Theology of the Body from women who are in various vocations and stages of life, and learned about the New Sexual Revolution from a Catholic doctor in Austin. 

The themes of these men’s and women’s nights have tied in well with our Formation series on “Becoming Christian Men and Women” this semester, and we’ve seen the fruit of this in the conversations students are having with each other. We pray these conversations will continue to deepen as we finish up the year at Texas State, and are excited to see the freedom that will come from learning how to embrace our true identities as men and women of the Lord.