Experience Conviction at SPO's Two Kingdom's Retreat


Hey Ya’ll! My name is Josh Mitchener; I’m a senior (part one) at Texas State University.

We just came off our Fall Formation Retreat, and it was amazing. Every fall, Saint Paul’s Outreach hosts a retreat called Fan into Flame. This year, we decided to do switch it up and do a Two Kingdoms retreat. That means, most of the people in our community were about to experience something new, even if they’ve been a part of SPO for multiple years. It’s easy to say I was already excited! After everything that’s been going on in Texas (starting school, meeting new students, and settling in with a fresh community), I went into the weekend with the attitude of looking for rest; and it was delivered in abundance.

This retreat was the most sobering retreat I have been during my involvement with SPO. The content was not anything I hadn’t heard before, but it was clear that the message needed to be heard again. I also got to relate to my brothers and experience a deeper friendship with them. I could go deep or just act like kids again.

I walked away not only refreshed but convicted about the next step. One the of the things that I’m still taking to prayer is, “What are the hindrances that are preventing me from being one with The Father,” the topic discussed during our Men’s session. The Lord was quick to bring up a few convictions during prayer and He gave me the grace that I needed to follow through them.

This retreat opened my eyes to the next levels God want to take not only me but the community as well. Most of these things were realized in my small group, the brother was quick to walk with me and help me figure things out and at the same time joke around. We aren’t picking between good and evil but between good and great! We’ve taken our side; now it’s about dealing with what that means and how we are tempted to lose convictions. It’s amazing what happens when I just stepped back and took in what the Lord had been waiting to give to me.