Episcopal Endorsements

Many young people today are growing up in a society which is quite different from the Christian atmosphere that I grew up with. I think it is valuable for people who have not experienced that fullness of living the faith to have experienced it and be able to both share it and create it for others. I think it is important for them to be able to develop an adult faith and to understand it as an adult, to be able to speak about it as an adult, then later to live it as an adult in their vocation. At that period as they are developing these habits it is especially important to have a witness of the Church there to help them to integrate it. Saint Paul’s Outreach has performed such an important function within the Diocese, has so much to contribute to our maturity in faith and is particularly important in a setting such as the college or university. For all of these reasons I encourage support of Saint Paul’s Outreach; support that includes prayer, personal encouragement, but also financial support.
— Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell, Bishop of Columbus

We should be even more thankful than ever before that the young men and women of Saint Paul’s Outreach are working to bring the Gospel message to their peers at the college level, and helping to foster the formation of conscience and moral values based on the words and actions of Jesus, His Apostles, and the Magisterium of the Church.
— Most Rev. John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark

I have seen firsthand how SPO not only can transform individual lives but can have a significant impact on a local Church and culture. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Church in Minnesota has been a huge beneficiary fro SPO itself and its alumni. New religious orders and a fraternity of diocesan priests have formed, both the major and minor seminaries of the diocese are staffed by SPO alumni, over 150 vocations to the priesthood and religious life have come from SPO, not to mention hundreds of faithful Catholic marriages raising the next generation of Catholic leaders. I do not know where I would be today if it were not for what God did in me through Saint Paul’s Outreach, and I know thousands of alumni would say the same thing.
— Most Rev. Andrew Cozzens, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Paul & Minneapolis

The joy of the Gospel is what I first came to detect in Saint Paul’s Outreach. How incredible it is that we have missionaries engaged in peer ministry and who are having such a profound effect in the lives of our college students. As Pope Francis said in Rio de Janeiro, ‘Let us urge our young people to go forth.’ They inspire in all of us a deeper sense of service.
— Most Rev. Bernard Hebda, Archbishop of St. Paul & Minneapolis