The Faith Alive Campaign will raise $15 million to train the next generation of Catholic leaders, who will reach 200,000 students on college campuses.

About the Campaign

The Faith Alive Campaign strategically invests in the next generation of young Catholic leaders and the future of our Church. We hope you’ll join us in this mission! Through the campaign, SPO will make significant investments in our campus communities, faith formation programs, and missionary trainings.

Through the Faith Alive Campaign, Saint Paul’s Outreach will double the Church’s full-time ministry capacity on American college campuses. Our goal is to form 5,000 lifelong, faithful Catholic leaders who will reach 200,000 students by 2023.

This tranformation of campus ministry in America requires a strategic investment of $15,000,000.

  • RECRUIT 260 new full-time missionaries for a total of 850 nationwide over five years ($6.5 million)
  • TRAIN 2,167 additional participants in the Formation Program and national SPO student conferences, for a total of 4,150 student leaders over five years ($3.25 million)
  • INVEST in 35 new homes, for a total of 40 owned campus Households ($5.25 million)
Campaign Contributions Raised (as of February 1, 2019)

Campaign Contributions Raised (as of February 1, 2019)

Why Now?

Only 10% of Catholic freshmen will still be Catholic by the time they graduate. We are losing the next generation of our Church during their college years. This unfortunate reality is not too surprising when one considers that only 26% of colleges in America have a Catholic campus ministry presence.

We are in a state of crisis. There are simply not enough people working to keep Catholic faith alive on campus. The time for action is now.

Your Support

To learn more about our efforts, please take a few moments to review our campaign strategy to see how your support can raise up the next generation of Catholic leaders. >>>

Will you help us achieve our goal, which will help us double the capacity of the Catholic Church’s full-time, on-campus ministry in America? Your support will change the future of the faithful in America for generations to come.

Please call our office at (651) 451-6114 if you have any questions.

Campaign Brochure (click to View)

Campaign Brochure (click to View)